Writing your testimony

In the third point, tell us where you are now — how you feel, and what you expect in the future. If you had to tell someone why you are a Christian, what would you say?


She did this on her own. I really do have a point and will get to it very soon Last summer, God pursued me and because He knows how stubborn I can be, He came at me hard.

Sometimes it means drugs and alcohol. How have you been changed by God? Of course we allowed her to do so. So the best preparation for sharing your story is to make sure you know it well and are able to relate it to where they are with God. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it wise.

How did these influence your understanding of God? The day that you are not afraid is the day that pride may cause you to stumble. He can help us tell it well. He was pursuing me. In the first point, tell us what life was like before, and why you needed to change.

If your conversion occurred early in your childhood, describe a time when you think your faith became your own, made sense, or came alive.

How To Write Your Christian Testimony: 10 Great Tips

Write Concisely and Conversationally Once you have some basic notes, the next step is to shape it into a communicable story. In what ways were you restless before your conversion?

Jot down some key points for each of these three phases.

This is the battle I fight on a regular basis. My daughter and her friends unbeknownst to me at the time were praying for me on a very regular basis.

The philosophy that I tried to live my life by was impossible to sustain. I grew up in the church, the son of a preacher. That is my opinion anyway. Make sure you include the key points of your story that you think will connect with your friend. What obstacles were you facing? These could be subtle or obvious changes.

30 Minutes to a Shareable Testimony

For years I escaped by the use of drugs. We all want to know how and why someone changes. This was very different than my life as a teen.Make your testimony concrete by including details. Obviously you need to exercise wisdom as your testimony relates to other people – especially if it casts them in a.

WRITE OUT YOUR TESTIMONY The Testimony Worksheets provide questions that will help you get started in writing out your testimony. Select the appropriate worksheet and jot down thoughts for each question on a separate piece of paper.

This will give you a basis from which to write sentences and paragraphs about your own experience. Below are some pointers for thinking through and writing your testimony. After you've read through them, set aside 30 minutes to answer the reflective questions and do the actual writing.

15 Minutes: Know Your Before, During, and After. Paul seemed to regularly share his testimony. In the book of Acts alone, he shares it three times. For more on writing your story read Preparing Your Personal Testimony. Helpful Hints. Pray before you write out and share your story.

Ask God for wisdom and the words to say.

Write the way you speak. Be honest. Aim to keep your story to three to five minutes. The beauty of writing your testimony is that you can say exactly what you want to say in the space limitation you have.

You can edit out the unnecessary information. Writing your Christian testimony is a wonderful way to share the miracle of a changed life with an unbeliever. I hope these tips are helpful.

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Writing your testimony
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