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To ensure a perennial source of revenue, tax was imposed on almost every commodity and service such as fishing, farming and trading. Later they developed another way of communication known as vocal but non-verbal communication such as singing or humming.

So too there wererecords about the observed positions of stars and constellations inthe night sky. For instance, present-day hunter-gatherer societies pursue several other economic activities along with hunting and gathering.

Urbancentres involve in various economic activities such asfood production, trade, manufacturesand services. Whenever solar and lunar eclipses were observed, their occurrencewas noted according to year, month and day. Fishing was practiced from rivers, bonds and lakes with hand, stone and wood by the early human beings.

Inthe east, tributaries of the Tigris provide routes ofcommunication into the mountains of Iran. By BCE,the letters became cuneiform, and the languagewas Sumerian. Clearly, there is much that we still do not know.

However, such fear could never threaten the town life because of the following reasons: Why do we say that it was not natural fertility and high levels of food production that were the causes of early urbanisation?

Light came into the roomsnot from windows but fromdoorways opening into thecourtyards: In turn, as hands were used more and more running became easy. Mesopotamia wasrich infood resourcesbut its mineral resourceswere few.

It helped in attaining self-sufficiency. Moreover, these societies are totally marginalised in all senses - geographically, politically and socially.

For Example- the square root of 2 was given as: This is also one of the oldest exam conducted at a national level in India. It is possible that stone tool makers were both women and men. Ur was one of the earliest cities to have been excavated in Mesopotamia.

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Thecheapest mode of transportation isover water. Download revision notes for Writing and city life class 11 Notes and score high in exams.

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The earliest known temple was a small shrine made of unbaked bricks. This had several advantages — fire provided warmth and light inside caves, and could be used for cooking. Those who support of this view take the evidence of the genetic and anatomical homogeneity of modern humans such as two hands, two legs, five fingers, two eyes, one mouth etc.

Several explanations have been offered. When the wedding took place, gifts were exchanged by bothparties, who ate together and made offerings in a temple.

When they flood or when their water is let out on to the fields, fertilesilt is deposited. All these institutions depend on the initiative of the king. According to the regional continuity model, the Homo sapiens originated in different regions continents and gradually evolved at different rates into modern humans.

All aspects of their lives, including life, death and love, were associated with one god or goddess. Why would the early temple have been much like a house? Literacy in Mesopotamia 1.

Writing and city life class 11 Notes History

Gathering would involve collecting plant foods such as seeds, nuts, berries, fruits and tubers. Since temples were used for residential purposes they looked like houses. Ways of Obtaining Food Early humans would have obtained food through a number of ways, such as gathering, hunting, scavenging and fishing.

The Significance of Urbanism in Mesopotamia 1. Increasingly, it is being suggested that the early hominids scavenged or foraged for meat and marrow from the carcasses of animals that had died naturally or had been killed by other predators. Production processes such as Oilpressing, grain grinding, spinning, and the weaving of woolen cloth done in the temple.

Then, between 10, and 4, years ago, people in different parts of the world learnt to domesticate certain plants and animals. Preservation of surplus production: The organisation was formed by merging atleast seven government education institutions. Regular exchange was possible only when there was a social organisation to equip foreign expeditions and exchanges of goods.Download CBSE Revision Notes for CBSE Class 11 History Writing and City Life Writing and City Life.

A great civilization flourished in Mesopotamia around BCE. Mesopotamia is the modern Iraq. If you have any problem in finding the correct answers of Themes in World History Textbook then you can find here.

This page will help in finding those NCERT Solutions of books. Here you find complete chapter detailed questions and answers of. Writing and Citylife - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Early Cities

Notes on writing and city life. Notes on writing and city life. Explore.

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kings in Construction and maintenance of temples in Mesopotamia 1. villages were periodically relocated in Mesopotamian history because of flood in the river 5/5(3). CBSE class 11 history covers from the beginning of time, writing and city life, an empire across three continents, the central islamic lands, nomadic empires, the three orders, changing cultural traditions, confrontation of cultures, the industrial revolution, displacing indigenous peoples, paths of moderanisation, access study material for.

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Writing and city life history class 11 notes
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