What causes delinquent behavior essay

It is a fact that by their antisocial, sadistic and aggressive action they try to get pleasure and mental satisfaction. It is important to keep in mind, however, that a diagnosis of certain types of mental health conditions -- primarily personality disorders -- cannot be made in regard to a child.

Most surprisingly, it is common in youths coming from all socio-economic levels. So, Merril held that it is not justified to assume that larger proportion of the delinquents have lower I.

Finally, the society and public should also change their outlook and attitude towards delinquency in general. Kerala has an incidence rate of only 0. Some parents do not take care of their elders, and it is a known fact that such children who see their parents disrespecting their elders, their children never respect their parents and elder siblings.

Peer group rejection Sometimes youth do not get acceptance in any group as they do not have a strong personality and due to peer group rejection they commit crimes. Stott holds that delinquent breaks down is an escape from emotional situation which for the particular individual with the various conditioning of his background becomes almost temporarily invariable.

Today delinquency is being considered as a misbehaviour, a social nuisense than a crime. For example, they may steal a very little money actually they do not need or they may steal a scooter, a car or snatch a golden chain without any need or necessity.

What Are the Causes of Juvenile Delinquency?

With the increase in urbanization and industrialization, family ties grow weaker. Uday Sankar gives the figure at 23 per cent. The school also should make efforts to develop a number of group activities in debate, sports, various social functions, picnics, exhibitions and study tours to change the ego of the delinquent child, to create a feeling of togetherness, belongingness, we feeling, sense of sacrifice and cooperation along with healthy competition.

Family is the role model of every child and a model behavior by the parents and siblings can give motivation to the child to behave positively.

The outlook is now more progressive and dynamic. Juveniles that are physically or mentally handicap usually want to take revenge from other people for their complexes. There is a communication gap and a generation gap.

This is a case of biological motive being influenced by socialization process. Various investigators have reported different percentage of average I. Some of them broke the image of Ganesh and broke the mike.

He is taught only to ask for food at his own house. Parents can take the responsibility of fighting against any odd that their children have in their personality. Treatment of Juvenile Delinquency Essay 1. That is why, they commit various impulsive behaviour, like small aggressive acts, petty stealing and various other sexual offences.

They are famous for creating social nuisense. When parents are too much absorbed in their own occupations and activities and do not provide the youth optimum attention, necessary support and encouragement during the crisis period of the growing age, they turn to peers and others as models who might be lacking the qualities of ideal models for the child.

Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency: The delinquents must be dealt with sympathy, understanding and good behaviour. Delinquency has always been considered as a social problem over and above the fact that it is a legal problem.

The question is why this feeling of unrelatedness or insecurity arises in young people who differ vastly in age I.

However, it is possible that the higher I.Juvenile Delinquency Impact of Poverty, Health Problems, Family Problems on Increase in Juvenile Delinquency?

Essay on Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency and its causes have been studied extensively. Many factors that put adolescents at risk of becoming delinquent have been identified.

Causes of Delinquency Delinquency is defined as an antisocial or illegal behavior or acts in violation of the law, which pertains to adults as well as young people. Causes and Solution of Juvenile Delinquency in America Essay Words | 7 Pages every year the FBI arrests more than young adults under the age of 18” (Khan).Juvenile delinquency can be caused by the influence gangs,bullying, and bad parenting.

The Psychology Behind Causes in Juvenile Criminal Behavior – Essay Sample Delinquency and criminal activity in minors is a serious issue that affects the entire United States.

Though various programs, punishments and other regulations are in place to try and prevent juvenile delinquency, it is still a prominent issue in society.

Juvenile Delinquency Impact of Poverty, Health Problems,&nbspEssay

Essay # 4. Causes of Delinquency: In many under-developed and developing countries including many parts of India, criminal tendency of a person is looked upon as the results of evil deeds in the past life of the parents. This is undoubtedly a misconception and prejudice.

 Kelly Owens SOC Causes and Solutions on Juvenile Delinquency March 20, Causes and Solutions on Juvenile Delinquency This is a very interesting article in its root as it tries to get to the bottom of the cause of juvenile delinquency.

The article touches on four perspectives: family, personal reason, peer group influence, and society.

What causes delinquent behavior essay
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