Television is a great invention essay

We can develop international understanding through television programs. People are becoming more passive simply because there is no interaction and no efforts on them.

Its prices have also come down. Many of us do not like the black and white set. However, in my opinion, TV has some influences are negative, not good for social. It educates our farmers. They can watch film, play game, show some picture about nature….

They can use it in anytime and very easy to use. To begin with, I must admit that the first point is reasonable. Uses of Television Television is useful for a developing country like India. But apart from that, television is by all means a great invention. Our farmers are not educated.

For example, road to olympus, learn more about marketting…. Many programs on television are meant for our entertainment.

In addition, to people who want to travel but with no money, television is undoubtedly a great thing through which people can see the world only by sitting ideally at home. The aim of our television programs is to promote national integration.

Thus, television is a powerful medium of mass communication.

Television a Great Invention

TV can help people feel relaxed, avoid stress by several gameshow, when they working in longtime. If they become bad guys, social will take more problem.

November 8, By Dinesh Saraf This short essay on television contains introduction, brief history of television in India, its uses, and a conclusion. They do not know the scientific methods of farming. We can use our television to show the advantages of a small family. However, people must know what is influences positive and influences negative, what is good and not good for thier life.

Television is good invention Essay Sample

One of the chief aims of television is to give us pleasure. They make this assertion for some reasons. Second, they think televisions contribute to the fact that people are more distant to each other.

Introduction Television is one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century. The world seems to have become small because of television.

Some people think TV is what make people become robot, For example, after dinner, all people shit down on the aimchar and just watch tv.

The first programs presented on television were meant for schools and rural area. Television is helpful in this field.Dec 10,  · Argument Essay Is Television a good invention? Watching television has become the most popular activity for families.

Although there are good programs, there are some people who dislike television and believe it is the worst invention. Television is a Great Invention Essay. B. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay.

Short Essay on Television

But some people say that television is the worst invention of the modern times. Although television is the worst invention of modern times, many kinds of important news and knowledge are shown by television. We will write a custom. Television has done things that are more positive for adults and children than negative.

I believe that television is a great invention and large part of our lives.

Television Is a Great Invention

First, they think that televisions make people more passive than before. Second, they think televisions contribute to the fact that people are more distant to each other. Television is good invention Essay Sample. Television has purpose serves for development of people. Television has some influences on society.

It has some influences are positive, some influences are negative, but it’s very important for people’s life. Television is a great invention, but there are arguments for and against whether it is the best invention of the twentieth century. Television was invented in the s and first came to Australia in

Television is a great invention essay
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