Subsidary ledgers and special journals

Conveniences sub-division of the journal reduces the size of the journal especially in big organizations and makes it convenient to handle. It gives details of the goods and the value of the transaction s.

Receipt relating to cash are called cash receipts. Vouchers fall into 3 main classifications: The journal proper or general journal. For some reasons the journal is normally subdivided into a number of subsidiary books.

The receipt and payment vouchers are source document for the entries in the cash book. This is the allowance received by the business from its supplies for prompt settlement of accounts with its suppliers. This means that all business transactions are to be finish recorded in the journal before posting them to the other book or ledger.

It reduces the amount of the debtors debt. The only record of trade discount is usually on the invoice and as a note in the relevant subsidency books.

They provide a written authorization for the payments or receipt of money. Discount allowed and discount received are all cash in settling accounts where as discount allowed and discount received are entered in the respective accounts in the general ledge, no ledger account is usually opened to record a trade discount.

There are other types of receipts but we are mainly interested in those which are relevant to accounting. The date and details of the transaction as well as the receipt number must be stated on the document. It is entered on the debit side of the creditors accounts.

It is called discount received since it reduces liability to creditors. The special journal and b. Sub-division of the journal The journal is broadly sub-divided into 2: It is made up of various types including: These are used to provide evidence of receipt of cash or cheque from a customer.

It is further classified inot: The cash journal or cash bookwhich is both receipts and payments. A typical example is payment of inter departmental services. It is a source document for the preparation of the return outwards, Journals. Adjustment vouchers AVS —which are used in effecting the transfer of debit or credit balance from one account to the another when physical transfer of cash is not involved.

This is a commercial document written by the buyer to the seller as a notification of rejected goods returned to the seller.

The correction of this error will be made in the journal proper. Where as discount allowed is an expenses, Discount received is an income. Thus, within the shortest possible time the business set the information relating to different aspects of the business in a classified form.

This is a written document issued to acknowledged that money or valuable property has been received. It is a source document for the preparation of the returns inward journals.Learn special journals with free interactive flashcards.

Choose from different sets of special journals flashcards on Quizlet. SOURCE DOCUMENTS, SUBSIDIARY BOOKS AND METHOD OF KEEPING THEM clerk in respect of the registered packets are not of interest to us because they do not give rise to any entry in the ledger or subsidiary book of accounts.

Is meant for recording all such transactions for which no special Journal has been kept by the business it is infact.


A special accounts receivable subsidiary ledger that lists all amounts due from guests still at the hotel who have to pay their bills before leaving the hotel. A special accounts receivable subsidiary ledger that lists the amount due from guests who are invoiced after they leave the hotel.

Used in conjunction with subsidiary ledgers 27 General journal 28 Special from ACCT at University of New South Wales.

Detailed recording using special journals, subsidiary ledgers and control accounts • Special recording systems are put in place that allow more efficient recording processes for common transactions • A system of special journals and subsidiary ledgers can be used to streamline the recording, storage and categorisation of data.

• Whenever a customer buys from the business on credit. Double Entry Bookkeeping. The journal is normally sub-divided into a number of special journals for posting similar types of transactions, and a general journal. is not part of the double entry posting and is simply a list of information relating to cash receipts used to post the subsidiary and general ledgers.

Cash Receipts Journal.

Subsidary ledgers and special journals
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