Social housing business plan

The figures in the Housing Business Plan are based on current projections and if the financial conditions should worsen then the level of investment proposed may not be achievable and mitigating actions will need to be undertaken e.

One contributor warned that they could not just expect local authorities to plug the funding gap.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council

They need to underline the importance of the work they do investing in community projects if they are to maintain support for their work beyond developing new homes. Then there are those who are exploring a real mixed market.

Communities will be strengthened by having access to good quality housing in safe and secure environments. An inclusive and Safe Vale Objective 2: These were some social housing business plan the questions addressed at a roundtable discussion on future management and investment models for social housing, which was hosted by the Guardian in association with Pinnacle PSG, a company which provides neighbourhood management services.

Scenarios 1, 3 and 4 do not take effect until year social housing business plan at the earliest. This provides time in which the Business Plan could be adjusted if the scenarios start to materialise.

The Plan does cover a 30 year period and will be reviewed on an annual basis and can be amended accordingly to meet any future changes in conditions.

Funded by Pinnacle PSG. The provisions in the Social housing business plan mean abolition of the rights will come into force on 26 January however there are some exceptions. Crime and Disorder Implications Many of the requirements of the WHQS contribute to the Crime and Disorder agenda, in particular, the requirements of safe and secure dwellings located in safe and attractive environments.

You had council housing, a private rented sector and home ownership. WG guidance requires authorities to model scenarios that are considered relevant to the Plan. There was agreement among participants that things are changing fast in the housing market — and social landlords are having to re-assess their roles.

Legal Implications to Include Human Rights Implications It is a legal requirement of the WG for each Local Authority that retains its housing stock to produce a Business Plan and 30 year financial forecast, describing how it will provide the investment to meet and continue to meet, the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

Share via Email Social housing providers are increasingly having to think about new models of working. Procurement is a key area where the roundtable agreed progress needs to be made. For information on roundtables visit: What you are then doing is improving the prospects of a community over time in an integrated way rather than coming in on an ad-hoc basis.

Contact Trish Holst on trish. Providing decent homes and safe communities. What will this new housing landscape mean for housing providers and the communities in which they operate? So where should social landlords be concentrating their attention in the months and years to come? The whole sector will have to get its head around a very different style of working.

Housing associations, which once used to rely on public grants to build new affordable homes, are now having to look for new ways to bring investment in for their development work.

But now that the tough financial environment demands that they do more for less public money, they can no longer rely on the way things have always been done.

It does mean there can be some confusion in the sector. Why are housing associations doing their own income recovery when they could contract that out to specialists?

The Council therefore needs to undertake sensitivity analysis to examine the impact of various scenarios on the ability to deliver the Plan.

The Business Plan is most sensitive to the following four scenarios: But as one participant stressed about partnership working: As the housing landscape changes it is up to social landlords, one contributor suggested, either to "grab that opportunity or ignore it and be left by the wayside".

With regard to WHQS works, key performance indicators are in place to monitor contractors against community impact and environmental impact.

The challenge of building affordable housing in developing countries … and how DFIs can help

Councils are outsourcing the running of their homes to private companies.Housing Day confirmed for 10 October 13 September Housing Day, the hour social media event celebrating the positive impact of social housing on millions of tenants, will take place this year on Wednesday 10 October.

The Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) regulates and invests in the social housing sector in South Africa. It aims to create sustainable communities by ensuring the delivery of quality rental stock for the lower income rental housing market.

Business plan structure/framework. Apex Housing Association Business Plan / Pages 2 - 3 Page 4 Page 1 Introduction Revenue Budget The Business Plan sets out the key tasks to be undertaken by the Association in the year /14 to good practice in the delivery of social housing.

Building a new model of social housing • Social landlords will need to have the right skills in place to ensure they can handle both running their business in a tough financial climate. A dummy project featuring marketing concepts such as VMO, Sustainable competitive advantage, 5 forces porters model, SPOST, Media Plan etc.

Social Housing and Rent Supplement Operations Business Plan - The Bethany Group Page 1 of 9 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The top three priorities of The Bethany Group for their Social HousSeniors Lodge, ing and Rent.

Social housing business plan
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