School is a miniature society-essay

Each classroom is a community in which the members must comply with the norms of society. A group of persons equipped with knowledge and skills for discharging these responsibilities in such formal organizations were known as teachers.

It was therefore, felt essential to set up specialized organizations to hand over the social heritage from generation to generation and to recreate the cultural patterns for enabling the individuals to cope up with the changing conditions and to fulfil their diversified needs.

Short Essay on the Relationship between School and Society Article shared by School is a special institution, created to serve specific social needs. The school, therefore, should adopt its educational programme in a way that it should render specific service to the local community and also meet the needs of the large community or nation, as a whole.

Long ago, all education in the society was made available only through informal agencies like family, School is a miniature society-essay circle, church, temples and professional group. Their mode of greeting, then, may be said to be integral to the ethos of the school, and is one of the contributing factors to making that school a miniature society by itself.

It should reflect all that is significant and characteristics in the life of the community in its natural setting. It is a social unit and an integral part of the total organisation of society. Citizenship training, vocational training, population awareness and such other educational functions also have assumed importance.

It, therefore, not only gets aims and objectives from society but its contents and methods are also determined in accordance with the activities, carried on in society, for which the school functions.

The school takes pride in having its own orchestra, and every child who comes out of the school comes out a violinist. In the real world, it is important that students retain these disciple skills. In rare instances, it can also generate the creative tension that gives birth to a genius.

One can say here that playing the violin is an important part of the ethos of that school.

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The national goals like secularism, socialism, democracy and national emotional integration are tried to be realized through different functions of the school. The school occupies an important place as an agency of education due to increasing growth of knowledge in every sphere of human life.

Short Essay on the Relationship between School and Society

The schools are also regarded as the social laboratories where different experiments and projects are undertaken. Schools as the centres of the community give new directions and guidelines for the people to take up different vocations and professions.

The School is a special agency for educating the young members of the society. I know of a school where playing the violin is part of the curriculum. In spite of some truth in these complaints, it is to be agreed that schools are to play a specific role in educating the society.

There are various sources of knowledge and schools are one of them. Sooner or later, students learn to accept the rules of the classroom and comply with them in order to avoid consequences and get more desirable results, like being praised by the teacher.

This gradually leads to his love for the region, for his state, for the country and ultimately for the world. They are the basic foundation to how to act in our society. Though, by and large, the rules of regulations of any standard school are similar to those of another, there are always subtle variations which separate them and help to define their individuality.

Short Speech on ‘A School is a Miniature Society’

He develops in himself an understanding of the environment around him and tries to realize him through various activities, hobbies and interests. Every day, students must come to class by a certain time, sit at their designated desks, complete assignments, speak only when called on, etc.

In the words of professor K. His personality is developed through the various programmes and practices of the school.

He will be more tolerant, patient, compassionate and well adjusted. Just as it is in the case of society at large, these occasions lend colour and spice to life, and often open up opportunities for the expression and display of special abilities.

The advocates of this revolution demand that all the schools should be abolished in order to spread socialism, democracy and equality in the society.Short Essay on the Relationship between School and Society.

Article shared by. A school is not merely a place of formal learning, but also a place of social learning. It is a social unit and an integral part of the total organisation of society. Short Speech on ‘A School is a Miniature Society’.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Essay On School Is A Mini Society. StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Essays; Resource Center; Sign Up Sign. The school is not merely a miniature society where we will find the reflection of all kinds of social weal and woe, hopes and aspirations.

According to some educationists like Dewey, the school is the society itself. A school meets this criteria, hence it may be called a society within a society — a miniature society.

Just like a society students from different ethnic and religious background [ ] A School Is a Miniature Society | Essay. Related Documents: School: Education and Mini Society Essay Education: High School and Education Essay Education not only prepares us for a job and a career, but it plays another very important role by helping us to evolve as better human beings.

May 02,  · School as a Mini Society. May 2, by casari In one of my other classes, we read about school being a miniature society, which I found interesting. The education system is like a government.

Each classroom is a community in which the members must comply with the norms of society. Every day, students must come to .

School is a miniature society-essay
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