Robespierre reign of terror essay

Many of these victims lost their heads to the guillotine. Robespierre had made many enemies in his absolute rule, and they began attacking him through press and in the Convention.

In this increasingly dangerous time, Robespierre called for the creation of a dictatorship. By the time he was 30, he had become a judge and was one of the most well-known figures in his area.

Finally, on July 28,Robespierre would meet the same fate as thousands of his enemies had before him: Then, in AprilFrance went to war with Austria and Prussia. Though he was only 30 years old, he quickly distinguished himself as a supporter of the rights of his constituents.

Robespierre was regarded as some sort of hero. The people of Arras chose Robespierre as one of their delegates. Then in Juky, government troops fired on protestors in Paris who were demanding the removal of the king.

His reputation for "simplicity, austerity, and integrity" later earned him the nickname "the incorruptible. When the situation became ugly in the late s, crowds in Paris began protesting.

That direct challenge to the authority of the King was the beginning of the French Revolution. When the Convention called for his arrest, the dictator attempted suicide but embarrassingly failedwhich shocked many of his followers.

After their deaths, the Terror at last at an end, and a more moderate government soon rose to power. This became known as the Champ de Mars massacre.

In Junethe king and his family were caught while attempting to flee the country. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

In May ofRobespierre began a purge of his enemies. With the king out of the picture, Robespierre turned on his enemies in the Convention itself.

Over of his partisans were executed as well. Some blamed him for the excess use of terror, while others condemned him for being too moderate. The biggest problem was that he had failed to solve the economic and social problems that they started out with.

Foreign war had ignited a civil war on the French countryside. The toll of aiding the American Revolution was showing. The Austrians the Prussians threatened to invade Paris. He soon developed a reputation as a representative of the poor and persecuted.Born in Arras, France, on May 6,Maximilien-François-Marie-Isidore de Robespierre came to study law.

He soon developed a reputation as a representative of the poor and persecuted. he defended them in court and also published several essays that drew attention to the topic of royal justice.

The Reign of Terror, led by Robespierre, was a period of the French Revolution during which many people were ruthlessly executed by the new government. This period started from the execution of Louis XVI in January to late July /4(1).

Moreover, a report to the government on public opinion states, “the majority of the citizens agreed in unanimously saying that tribunals act well, that they acquit the innocent and punish the guilty” (document 7).

It was also believed that Danton had turned against the revolution. Danton was tried and executed, leaving Robespierre with more power than ever before. AIMS AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE MAIN REVOLUNTIONARY GROUPS DURING THE REIGN OF TERROR The period of the Reign of Terror, September Julyresulted in significant political and social changes in France.

Robespierre pushed the use of force to protect his county that it led to the fall of the revolution and his own death. With the Committee killing off so many people it began to anger other political powers.

Robespierre reign of terror essay
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