Related literature about sales promotion

But, this also has to be examined in light of cost. Akai, when it entered India, realised the potential of the TV replacement market in the country as well as the potential for used second-hand sets in the country. It can increase effectiveness of other promotional efforts.

Similarly, sales promotion is often used in the growth and maturity stages of the product life cycle to stimulate consumers and resellers to choose that product over the competition—rather than in the introduction stage, when mass advertising to build awareness might be more important.

They are not a part of daily activities. Relative Importance of sales promotion: If the number of entries does not hit the desired target, the promotion is not working effectively and the company may need to consider revising its promotional strategy and extending the contest deadline.

The promotion may have done little to attract new buyers or to encourage brand switching. They may try a branded tea during a week and when money is spent on a branded fairness cream, for example, in some other week, they may balance this expenditure by using loose tea. Long-Term Impact Although an effective sales promotion will increase sales in the short-term, generally there no longer-term impact.

Sales promotion is aimed for 3 types of consumers. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Public relations activities include helping the public to understand the company and its products.

Sales Promotion Strategies: 3 Types of Sales Promotion Strategies | Explained

This wide variety of terms describing types ofliterature, at first, appears overwhelming. To maintain or increase sales during off-seasons.

Excessive use of sale promotion may affect sales and reputation of company adversely. As shown in Figure 1, sales promotional efforts are carried out at three levels — consumer level sales promotion, dealer level sales promotion, and salesmen level sales promotion.

The company focuses its marketing communications efforts on consumers in the hope that it stimulates interest and demand for the product at the end-user level. Advertisement has long- term objectives of brand building, positioning and building up customer loyalty. And, in established competitive markets where gains in market share count for the bragging rights the increased share might offer, sales promotions are also an effective method to increase sales volume.

To keep consumers satisfied. That way you are only measuring the effect of the sales promotion itself. Inbound marketing also includes analyzing the competition, positioning your new product or service finding your market nicheand pricing your products and services.

The factors that contribute to the popularity of sales promotion are: Aspiration levels enhanced by the advertising blitzkriegs come into play in these segments.

Introductory offers with either discounts or sales promotion enable the consumer to try out a new brand in a familiar category. Through in-house merchandising activities, such as free samples v.

Sales promotion and advertisement are two different forms of promotion. Utility of Sales Promotion: There are many reasons why brands offer discounted prices and sales promotion that includes freebies.

Among the lower segments, using offerings from the organised sector is common and these consumers buy branded offerings at a lesser frequency than their counterparts in the middle segment. Thus, an advertising plan for one product might be very different than that for another product.

For quick reference please see following table. Post-testing Post-testing is conducted after the promotion period is over to evaluate whether the company has met the desired measure of performance on the sales promotion.

For example, sales promotion and direct mail are particularly attractive alternatives when the marketing budget is limited, as it is for many small businesses.

The Effect of Sales Promotion on Sales Volume

Some important things to remember: Literature is your third eye asleep. Special offers and other incentives vi. Gift articles like balls, stickers, pens, cards, diaries, calendars, manuals, and other literature 3.

To motivate salesmen to work more. One Definition of Publicity Publicity is mention in the media. A short example is also provided hopefully to help make the terms more clear to the reader.

Define the support activities e. Modern retailing, though it accounts currently for only two per cent of the total organized retailing market in India, has to draw more consumers belonging to the middle class or upper middle class by offering unique bundles of sales promotions. To provide pleasure to the reader.Sales Promotion and Consumer Loyalty: A Study of Nigerian Tecommunication Industry Oyeniyi Omotayo of sales promotion on consumer behavior have been widely studied in literature (Nagar, ).

Sales promotion has effects on various aspects of consumer’s purchase decisions such as brand. Literature Review Nature of Sales Promotion Promotion is one of the key factors in the marketing mix and has a key role in market success. Promotion is used to ensure that consumers are related to the study.

Also the ordering. Employees Motivation in Organizations: An integrative literature review Rajeswari Devadass 1 1 University Tenaga Nasional Abstract.

What is literature?

Aim: The purpose of this paper is to present findings of an integrative literature review related to employees’ motivational practices in organizations. Here are five essential elements of a successful sales promotion, and how you can use these elements to transform your organization.

When done correctly, sales promotions can transform a business. Related Blog Posts Why Sales Is the "Last Mile" By. E-Marketing - A literature Review from a Small Businesses perspective provide an archive of past research points and methodologies related to the studies of E-Marketing to explore, USA Under Less than $ 5 million annual sales European Union.

Related Articles. 1 The Impact of Measuring the effect of a sales promotion is relatively easy but requires careful analysis of sales data before and after the promotion. You will also need to.

Related literature about sales promotion
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