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Taobao is the largest local e-commerce website, and many people spend a lot of their things from the site. Other risks include lack of stable and secure online payment systems. One major factor which impacts China is the increasing awareness of environment protection.

There are risks like lack of trust. And the lack of safe online credit card payment system is one of the key reasons for this low usage and penetration. However, there is still a group who wish to avoid the perceived risk associated with online shopping. Sigh rate of savings More export business Potential urban growth Any economic development could have a major impact on the SMEs and their actions.

PEST Analysis of China

Legal issues The legal framework for e-commerce is still in its early stage. The labor cost in China is extremely low. Some factors which might help are: Companies will benefit if they can understand the external macro-environment in which they function and will operate in the future.

Other social factors are consumer lifestyles, education, religion, and emigration.

Corporate Careers

China emphasizes on education and majority of the nation are literate. They prefer physical shopping and like the face to face contact. Social Factors The social and cultural aspect of China plays an important role as the demographics constantly change.

Family size and social behaviors often impact how decisions are taken. Government regulations Both formal and informal rules, which firms must abide by, impact the country.

These can alter social trends and cultural values.

Other factors which can be assessed are Environmental and Legal factors. China has little experience for drafting e-commerce legislation for topics like intellectual property rights protection and tax. The rapid economic growth and stable political conditions make the e-commerce industry lucrative to investors.

Over the past few years, the government focused on the development of e-commerce.

Some of the worrying trends in China are: The main challenges for businesses in China are: What is more, based on the perspective of Ortolani there had been only 1 percent credit card penetration in China suggesting that the most widely used payment method had low acceptance in China and the payment system to support online credit card transaction is also facing low usage.

The growth rate is impressive, but it can slow down. New products being developed New purchasing mechanisms such as the intranet and extranet New production technology New distribution mechanisms like Internet New methods of working like mobile telecommunications A major technological problem in China is that the development of the B2C industry does not have a safe and stable online payment system.

This is why leading companies like Apple are inclined to hire workers from the country. The reserve requirement for commercial banks is also nine times higher now. There are million Internet users in the country.Nov 26,  · As you may have read recently in The Wall Street Journal, Starbucks is planning to open 1, new stores in China.

In many ways, it's a heartwarming tale: Starbucks is a true American—and now Author: Ash Bennington. PEST analysis of China shows that it is a flourishing country with the need for some small changes.

The legal framework for e-commerce is still in its early stage. China has little experience for drafting e-commerce legislation for topics like intellectual property rights protection and tax. One major factor which impacts China is the.

Starbucks employs professionals in many different fields, including finance, information technology, marketing, retail operations, store design, supply chain management and more. Corporate Careers. Legal. Our Legal team works to uphold the highest professional standards in legal service and business ethics.

We protect Starbucks and. Four years after opening its first café in China inStarbucks had registered all its major trademarks in China. A number of Chinese businesses have overstepped legal bounds in their efforts to mimic the successful Starbucks model.

BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN CHINA: ECONOMIC, POLITICAL, AND CULTURAL FACTORS. examines the economic, political, and cultural factors that influence business practices in China. INTRODUCTION. Private ownership of. Aug 10,  · If there is one company that should have failed in China, it would be Starbucks.

China has thousands of years of history drinking tea and a strong culture associated with it. No one could have.

Legal factor starbucks china
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