Indias performance in olympics 2012 essay writer

Medals Tally for London Olympics Events. Mary Kom lost the bout to Nicol Adams with a score of 6 - 11 in the semi-finals to settle for a bronze medal.

India's best Olympic performance

A country with over a billion people can surely, and should, win more than a handful of medals. Bollywood rules as the number one source of entertainment.

India at London Olympics 2012: A glance at the performance of athletes

When a country that boasts of a population of more than a billion is unable to secure even one gold medal in individual sports at the Olympics it is a matter of concern. Indians should focus on the sports in which they are more likely to succeed, for a variety of cultural, institutional, or dietary reasons that are by no means fixed or permanent, or characteristic of every Indian.

Yogeshwar Dutt is from Sonipat district, Haryana. Changes have to be made at the grass root level. Many Indian athletes performed well primarily because of their own efforts, and the efforts of their families.

India Olympics History

Gagan Narang had a total score of However despite this wonderful show in hockey, India has been unable to garner any notable success in individual sports. India currently ranks at number 55 in the Olympic medal table. However that cannot be accounted for our sad performance, especially when, this number is still more than the people of Mozambique and the Bahamas, and these countries have managed to win gold medals.

Mary Kom is from Imphal, Manipur. PV Sindhu took home a silver for badminton and Sakshi Malik, a bronze for wrestling. To no great surprise, India measured up relatively poorly in terms of medals won, not only against developed Western countries, but against other developing nations like China and Brazil.

Weekends in India are not spent taking part in physical activity. For you and me, at the first look, he would appear as just another autowallah on the streets of Mumbai. As of this writing, two Indians have won medals: It was then when Mishra pledged that he would do everything in his capacity to help anybody in such a situation.

Why the performance of India is so poor in Olympics?

India also needs to end its culture of privilege and deference to masters at events. A country that has secured only a handful of medals in over hundred years is hardly going to win dozens overnight.

Why does India perform so poorly at the Olympics?

In fact, it was not until a few years back that he could afford to buy his own auto rickshaw, EMI of which he is still paying. Most women in India have to struggle against inherent social and institutional norms, even if their families are supportive.Aug 23,  · Many Indian brothers tell their side of the story, and China also has its own story.

China is not super good at sports. Not good at running, jumping, swimming or.

India at the 2012 Summer Olympics

The Olympics is over and the parades have started, India welcomed back their Olympic heroes with huge love and affection. Even among the other athletes who did not reach the podiums could not be faulted for their efforts, anyone who had seen the games can only feel proud of their hard work and effort.

Olympics still remain popular as one of the most reputed sporting events in the world. Doing well in the Olympics is a matter of pride. The more the number of medals the more is the admiration a country invites which ensures that each participating nation desires and hopes to win as many medals as they can for their country.

India has been participating in the Olympics since It has shown some magnificent performance in Hockey at the Olympics. India bagged 6 gold medals in Hockey from to an achievement which has yet to be beaten.

They won the gold medal at the and Olympics as well. In all India. The Olympics are almost over. To no great surprise, India measured up relatively poorly in terms of medals won, not only against developed Western countries, but against other developing nations.

In Summer Olympics, 83 Indian players participated in the games and won six medals. Since beginning hockey had been the main game of India in Olympics, but with time its glory also started to.

Indias performance in olympics 2012 essay writer
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