Hsm 260 fixed cost variable cost and brak even point

By assigning homonyms to a common sign, the system can make do with fewer signs, thus facilitating the learning of the script. Sumerian, Chinese, and Maya could have conveyed language entirely with syllabic signs; and Egyptian could have done the same with its small class of uni-consonantal graphs — certainly, in all these cases there was the potential for this.

In this light, there were distinct benefits to logography beyond the distinguishing of homonyms. And, as Jerrold Cooper has recently admonished us, it is of tendencies that we must speak when we discuss the similarities in early writingpp.

But upon figure 3. The inefficiency in terms of the effort and costs involved suggests that writing in this case had a purpose beyond practical administration, though not necessarily incompatible with it. The aforementioned tags discovered at Abydos, for instance, were found within the context of an elite burial and were the result of a fairly laborintensive manufacturing process, the inscriptions being incised into bone and subsequently colored with black paste Hsm 260 fixed cost variable cost and brak even point 6.

Similar to the Mesopotamian development, the invention of writing has been connected to the increase of sociopolitical complexity, which included the emergence of a vast territorial state near the end of the fourth millennium see Bainespp.

The nexus between administration, social complexity, and writing is more tenuous in the Chinese and Maya cases. Finally, it is difficult to accept that Mesopotamian writing could inspire the type of system that developed in China at the end of the second millennium, the Sumero-Akkadian writing system at that time being so completely different from the one developed by the Chinese, not to mention the distances involved.

Development, Context, and Purpose. This is particularly true of Maya writing, and, although often misunderstood, of Sumerian writing as well Robertsonpp.

Maya and Egyptian do not share the same structure and degree of monosyllabicity as Chinese and Sumerian, while Inca, which was largely monosyllabic, did not develop a script.

Yet, there are reasons to question the utilitarian basis of all writing, and whether we are correct in assuming that writing must have a universal basis in the first place.

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But there are further advantages to this type of logography, or more accurately, morphography. Acceptance of the independent invention of writing in these four cultures naturally raises questions as to their similarities and differences in figure 1.

The Mesoamerican case is even more nebulous. They argue that it is more than simple coincidence that early writing tends to represent monosyllabic languages — that language structure affects writing. Long connected with ceremonial display, early writing in Egypt arguably now finds closer associations with bureaucratic necessity.

And the Egyptian invention may corroborate the utilitarian basis of writing. Nevertheless, over five hundred years would pass before the script recorded continuous speech. Certainly, each writing system would evolve further — mostly in terms of sign inventory and the relative proportions of signs representing words and those representing syllables or consonants without meaning see below — but these were developments that were separated by often long periods of stability.

In all cases, early writing contains signs, or graphs, that have an ancestry — for example, as symbols, icons, emblems, or pot marks — in earlier communicative systems.

This suggests that monosyllabicity is just one among other possible motivations for writing — it likely did play a role in the commitment of Chinese and Sumerian to a visible form, yet it was not the only force at work, or, necessarily, a requisite one. In short, a morpheme has one fixed spelling even though it may have multiple pronunciations depending on the context.

In this sense, in terms of reflecting full speech, the development of early writing was gradual. The independence that characterizes the invention of each of the four writing systems extends to their internal structures, social contexts, and the evolutionary processes themselves — no two are identical.

Each of the pristine systems was of limited dissemination and each was used to record information within restricted domains. End dialog not enabled MSI s F4: Morphemes represent the smallest meaningful units in language, and include lexemes, or words, as well as affixes that may be added to form larger words: Offsetting values by MSI s F4: In China, the social component is clearly in evidence as witnessed by the emergent Shang state ca.

SRSetRestorePoint skipped for this transaction. Certainly, there are cultural factors involved in writing, and they may play a more critical role, but this does not exclude structural motivations. These are signs that belong to the realm of writing only, as they were not spoken but rather were used in reading to classify nouns and disambiguate homonyms by semantic class.

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Applying regular transform to database. Thus, it comes as no surprise that none of the pristine writing systems is alphabetic. In Mesopotamia — and the same applies to Mesoamerica, Egypt, and China — writing appears full-blown, from a structural point of view Michalowskipp. When writing was created, it was not a simple evolutionary development since many of these same devices persevered along side it Michalowskip.

Class MSI s F4: The earliest Egyptian writing displays a significantly closer relationship with speech than its Sumerian counterpart; early Chinese and Maya scripts more so, but again, here the extant materials do not necessarily represent writing in its incipient phases.

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It is an often-quoted sentiment that speech is to being human. Visible Language: Inventions of Writing in the Ancient Middle East and Beyond.

or knowledge of. linguistic and cultural reasons. and Purpose. a morpheme has one fixed spelling even though it may have multiple pronunciations depending on the context.

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Hsm 260 fixed cost variable cost and brak even point
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