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The refusal rate was SRH was more closely connected with income and education than with the subjective work related factors; but well-being seems to be more strongly influenced by job security, job control and job related life events than by income. There was no significant difference according to gender in age, perceived job security, dissatisfaction with work, week day working hours and perceived social support from co-workers.

There were public employees, employees, self-employees and on-call workers in the examined sample. Perceived social support from parents and from relatives was significantly Health in a changing society among women, while perceived social support from partner was higher among men.

This is a reliable measure for screening the severity of depressive symptoms in community surveys. For each refusal, another person was selected from the same community with similar demographic characteristics of age and sex.

Education of women was significantly higher.

The effects of job related factors on Beck Depression Score, WHO well-being score and self-rated health SRH were analysed in a representative sample of male and female economically active Hungarians. The results of this large national representative study indicate that independent of negative affect and hostility, a cluster of stressful work-related psychosocial conditions accounts for a substantial part of variation in self-reported mental and physical health of the economically active population in Hungary.

Table 1 shows the correlation coefficients among depression, well-being, SRH, relative SRH and negative affect, hostility, work related variables, social support from family and education for the male and female sample separately.

Negative affect was the most important correlate of BDI, well-being and SRH but hostility correlates more closely with depression than with the other two self-reported health measures. Age of the persons was included. Advanced Search Abstract Background: This change is characterized by an increased mobility and a high degree of job instability and associated loss of control.

The morbidity and mortality crisis in the middle aged population accompanying the economic transformation of CEE countries represents an extraordinary burden.

Previous research showed that depression, feelings of hopelessness and loss of control are serious risk factors for premature morbidity and mortality in the region. Measures The mental health measures of the study were described in detail elsewhere.

Negative affect 2125 Negative affect is an 8-item sub-scale of the type D personality questionnaire. The French GAZEL study confirmed these findings, where the adverse psychosocial working conditions were significant predictors of depressive symptoms independent of personality traits.Work stress and mental health in a changing society Maria S Kopp.

1. Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary. Search for other works by this author on: Psychological risk factors, inequality and self-rated morbidity in a changing society.

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It’s no secret that mental health is routinely treated differently than physical health, but sometimes it’s difficult to understand how or why this affects us. This. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Work stress and mental health in a changing society | The aim of this representative study in the Hungarian population was to analyse the association between work.

When it comes to aging successfully and remaining in good health, are centenarians the perfect role models? A changing society: is the new 80 ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 19,

Health in a changing society
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