Firoozeh dumas the f word thesis

The essay did not fit your needs? I believe that Dumas got her point across about the American culture, does judge others that do not have a familiar American style of name, and exotic cultures and stereotyped to great extremes.

This started the era where she was Julie at work and Firoozeh at home. This essay written by Firoozeh Dumas utilizes the appeal of emotion and the use of an informal, entertaining tone to draw in the audience.

The F Word Essay

If you are the person that best reaches the job qualifications, that job should be yours. This wise introduction lets the audience know that the essay will be an enjoyable one to read with plenty of humorous lines and content.

Identification is usually who one is certainly. The fact that she was overlooked because of her name may sound outrageous, but the farther back in time you go, the less accepting everyone was to change or anything different.

Examples of completed orders. One provides a personal choice as to what identification he offers; for example, he can select what he enjoys, who he wants to become close friends with, and what he has on.

Dumas wants us to be able to enjoy learning about the struggles foreigners, such as herself, had to go through. Have you ever felt like you were denied a job based on your abilities or race? In the few humorous approaches she uses within the essay, they did leave an effect on the person reading the essay.

My paragraphs are sorted as follows: First of all it should not matter what your name is or how foreign you are.

Essay about N Phrase by Firoozeh Dumas

This use of pathos makes the reader learn the message of the essay without even noticing it. When one chooses a title of a paper, it is important for the title to truly reflect what your message is and what the main point of the paper is. She talks about her experiences and what needs to be done in a very kind, light-hearted manner.

Culture, Identity, and Vocabulary of Literary Nonfiction

To reply this, 1 may believe of what provides him personality; what makes him unique; what makes up his character. Before beginning the explanation of how an identity is formed, one must understand what an identity is.

Dumas does not want the reader to be angry or bitter about the negative situations she went through.The essay, “The F Word,” written by Firoozeh Dumas, fulfills its purpose to entertain with a humorous, enriching account of her interesting history of stories related to her hard-to-pronounce name.

It also attempts to describe the way in which Americans respond to unfamiliar, foreign names. Dumas presents this engaging essay that holds the reader’s. Created Date: 7/14/ PM. ~Firoozeh Dumas Author's Thesis "I do believe this would be a richer country if all Americans can do a little tongue aerobics and learn to pronounce more syllables." The "F Word" Author: Firoozeh Dumas By Misael Pina-Torres Americans should be able to accept and appreciate diversity in a person's name and culture.

Nov 28,  · Simply as Firoozeh Dumas identifies in The “F Word”, i began 6th quality with my fresh “Hence, easy name and existence became definitely simpler” (Dumas 86). People produced fun of Dumas’ name, Firoozeh, and hence produced her desire to alter her name to match in; she was transformed by her identification.4/4(83).

Understanding “The F-Word” When first reading the title of Firoozeh Dumas’ article, “The F-Word” one initially thinks that essay is going to be about cuss words within the community. WRONG! In fact instead of the article being about cussing, it deals with the American culture stereo typing different cultures with foreign names.

Just as Firoozeh Dumas describes in The “F Word”, “Thus I started sixth grade with my new, easy name and life became infinitely simpler” (Dumas 86). People made fun of Dumas’ name, Firoozeh, and thus made her want to change her name to fit in; she changed her identity.

An identity is mainly comprised of personal choice.

Firoozeh dumas the f word thesis
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