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That is the question. As the mentor of the first three economics students in this new program I created a road map for a three-semester plan, complete with appropriate semester goals and assessments.

Rather, we assess the progress of our students over time relative to the goals listed above. They usually have ideas about what interests them micro vs. I make all my students write annotated bibliographical entries for the articles that pertain to the chosen topic.

While each topic and student is different, there are a number of commonalities that have allowed me to develop a coherent skeleton to facilitate the process. Jacquelene Bennett is a senior at the University of Redlands where her areas of study are creative writing, government and religious studies.

By midterm, they have usually honed in on a narrow topic area, even though they have not typically Elon honors thesis a targeted thesis per se. Teaching Notes and Tips The first semester of this process is in many ways the hardest.

I use the annotated bibliography exercise to teach them to "see the holes" in the literature as well as to discover the logical next step in the progression of the discipline. Given this, I have chosen to spend time below discussing the scaffolding I do during that most critical, challenging first semester.

The remainder of the semester is spent studying vs.

Should You Write an Honors Thesis?

Once they start seeing the literature review as the construction of THEIR argument, they begin to see how paragraphs are likely to contain cites from a number of articles, with some articles appearing as backing for multiple points paragraphs in their argument.

Since it covers three semesters, these students often take advanced methods math econ, experimental, econometrics during the course of the project. They bring in the papers they read during the week and I ask them to tell me what they read that was interesting.

This is also the stage where they need to understand how to discover the "literature tree. Honors theses are graded using the same departmental rubric used for all seniors.

Honors Fellows Program

If it Elon honors thesis an empirical methodology, the goal is to have at least "baseline" econometric results by the end of the semester. It requires a significant amount of one-on-one mentoring from a faculty member with expertise in both the general area of research as well as methodology.

After that, it is reading and critiquing drafts semester three. One of the most challenging things is to teach them how to write a good literature review. The goal in this first semester is to develop a workable thesis topic and Elon honors thesis a formal proposal that passes the university-wide committee.

The final semester, however, is all about product. Few students at this point have a topic. At the end of the hour, I help them decide on "next steps. September 23, by Jacquelene Bennett To write an honors thesis or to not write an honors thesis?

In this case, the grade is determined by the defense committee. Thus, the assessment of this activity is not a typical experimental design where we try to measure the relative worth of the activity itself. This material was originally created for Starting Point: Honors theses are graded using the same departmental rubric used for all seniors and the final semester grade is determined by the defense committee Elon Economics Thesis Grading Rubric Acrobat PDF kB Sep25 Learning Goals The goal is for Honors students to produce a sophisticated coherent, economic argument.

What are they doing here? Out of those maybe ONE of which caught their interest. After much debateI found I do not have the time or enthusiasm to write an honors thesis Both will lead them eventually towards developing a clear, well-focused, original thesis.Should You Write an Honors Thesis?

September 23, by Jacquelene Bennett To write an honors thesis or to not write an honors thesis? That is the question. If you are a senior in college, you know the dilemma that Elon U Sued by Student for Alleged Discrimination.

Honors Thesis and the Department of Performing Arts (Music Theatre, Theatre Arts, Dance) Faculty Mentors: Students seeking a Performing Arts mentor should consult with the department chair to discuss the nature of their project. The Honors Fellows Program is a four-year developmental experience designed to help a cohort of talented students grow intellectually and demonstrate exceptional academic achievement.

Chosen because they demonstrate great academic potential and. Elon’s Honors Program is a robust and rigorous academic program that draws together Elon’s top students from across the university to form a thriving community of scholars and leaders.

Started inthe Honors Program has evolved to include a significant Honors thesis, interdisciplinary Honors-only classes, strong living-learning. Three-Semester Honors Thesis This page authored by Steve DeLoach, Elon University, based on an an original activity for economics students modified to comply with guidelines from the Elon University Honors program and the Elon Economics Department.

She entered Elon as an Honors Fellow and as recipient of the Jane Macon Baird Scholarship, which supports pre-med students at Elon. By the summer of her sophomore year she was in the lab beginning research on an organic chemistry project as part of her honors thesis.

Elon honors thesis
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