Dominos pizza of 7ps of service marketing mix

As it guarantees thirty minutes delivery Dominos prioritizes the home deliveries first as they need to be prepared quickly and then taken over by the delivery boy to be delivered.

It is one of the top companies which has maximum number of its ordering happening through online.

Dominoz Pizza – 7 Ps of Service Marketing Paper

The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories. The Dominos employees undergo training as per the training manual and according to the guidelines provided by the dedicated learning and development team.

Internationally there are more than stores of Dominos. Employees are also encouraged to provide ideas for improvement through the classroom training and other developmental tools. After the order being placed immediate payment is made after which they wait for being served.

Dominos has its headquarters in Michigan, U. Dominos also promotes itself through TV commercials where it claims to deliver pizza with a 30 minute guarantee for home deliveries.

The customers can also give the feedback directly to the attendees. Let us start the Dominos Marketing Mix: The Dominos restaurant has two methods of service that is order at the restaurant and order online which could be taken away or delivered at home.

It has an employee base of and is headed by CEO J. Dominos does promotion and advertising aggressively in its marketing mix. The Dominos restaurants also has a cleaning staff which regularly maintains the hygiene of the restaurant. It also supports various certifications and other external development programs.

In India the Dominos menu also majorly consists of various types of pizzas, chicken crusts, flavoured breads, pastas, side dishes ranging from dips, desserts, chicken items and subwiches, burger pizzas, mousse cake, choice of toppings.

It also tied up celebrities regionally to better connect through the Dominos advertisements. Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Dominos.

The size of the packaging differs with the size of the orders and all individual items are generally packed separately. Posted in Services, Total Reads: Similar kind of proportions are maintained globally although the machines and other equipment are supplied by Dominos itself. Currently there are around Dominos stores globally.

It also contains a variety of pastas both of non-vegetarian and vegetarian types.

Dominos Marketing Mix

In the restaurants they have to choose from the menu at the many counters which are at the front end of the kitchen from a menu being displayed in front of them.Dominos Pizza Of 7Ps Of Service Marketing Mix * Comparative Analysis Pizza Hut And Dominos Others Source: Financial Express Market share as on Pizza Chain Market Share (%) Pizza Hut 18 Domino's 70* Others 12 Source: Business Standard Premium * Pizza Hut, Inc Delivery Segment Analysis much more.

Jan 29,  · SERVICE MARKETING MIX [Domino's] - March 23rd, heyya guyzzz,,herezz a ppt of Mrktin mix (7P's) of domino's it'll b. Domino's is one of the most beloved pizza chains and the Marketing mix of Domino's discusses the 4 P's and how they helped make domino's such a today’s world, Domino’s has been equivalent to quality, freshness and good service.

TOPIC- 7P's Of Domino's Marketing Mix Presented byGroup D introduction entered India in through a franchise agreement with Vam Bhartia Corp. first outlet was opened in Delhi. Domino's had the largest network in the fast food segment in India- 5/5(4). MARKETING MIX •PRODUCT •PRICE •PROMOTION •PLACE PIZZA HUT OFFERS My Marketing Strategy • Launch a new scheme of buy 1 get 1 free called “Pizza Pe PaisaVasool!!!” • Applicable on week days i.e.

from Monday to Friday. Dominos Pizza 7 Ps Of Service Marketing.


a 12" Pizza for Rs Indians are value- not price-sensitive. Services Marketing Mix Services Marketing Mix refers to the combination of marketing activities an organization engages in to CONTINUUM LEARNING PTE LTD 7Ps of Services Marketing Companies are competing strategically through service.

Dominos pizza of 7ps of service marketing mix
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