Compare and contrast ways which economic development affec

Another is where people work and the types of jobs they have. A decade later, that figure would reachAlso Poor Health care also plays another role in economic factor. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Christianity and Islam spread far from where they were founded.

There was a high value and demand for these products In he had raised and cured enough to fill four barrels for export to England, where it sold quickly and at a robust price of three shillings per pound.

Cultural factors; The bulk of fertility always come from a rural ares, Lets use Sub Saharan Africa culture as an example, its is permitted to marry more than 1wife polygamousthey believe that children are assets and they use them in farms and also believe that the more children you have the more chances they will look after you when you are old, my Dad have 15children with 3 women LOL.

Thus all laws passed favored this class, and usually did a disservice to slaves and other poor farmers. This is quite a rudimentary explanation. Kenya is a developed country as we all know, kenya is suffer on poverty. Another affect culture can have on economics is the cultural events and traditions such as weddings or coming of age type parties.

Early after their arrival in Virginia, colonists had noted that the Powhatan Indians used tobacco, which they called "uppowoc," in their ceremonies. Who developed a virgina tobacco that economically saved Jamestown?

John Rolfe deduced that he might be able to grow the imported Nicotiana tabacum, and began experimenting at his farm near present-day Varina in Henrico County. For this reason they start reducing the number of children per household example of such countries to day Nigeria and Ghana. For example, if a business that sells a lot of junk and unhealthy food, and the nation is becoming more health conscious then the business will generate less revenue How developed is Kenya in terms of social and cultural measures of development?

The immense profits to be had by raising tobacco literally gave the colony a reason to continue. Social factors can affect a business as tastes and likes can change.

However, the plant, Nicotiana rustica, had a bitter, unpleasant flavor to the English palate. These two settlements serve as an example as how economic development creates and influences political systems.

The way economic development affected politics Essay

People watching movies at home on DVDs. Would you like to merge this question into it? They received other things when they traded with other places they got sugar, rum, and molasses which was of high value throughout the colonies.

Hire Writer This allowed for a flexible economy with a large middle class that likely would survive if one market crashed. Nature of employment, Cost its my salary enough to take care of 5kids? In New England, towns had assemblies with a majority rules attitude.

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Health habits like smoking or overeating. After an hour in your room listening to really loud music, you calm down and forget about the whole thing and so do your parents.

Soon every available piece of land was planted in tobacco, even the cemetery of Jamestown itself. Kenya is developed in terms of social and cultural measures How does geography affect cultural development?

However, once the Puritan dominance in the colony was threatened, the system tightened.Compare and contrast the ways in which tobacco and sugar affect the social and economic development of colonial america.

Economic Growth is a narrower concept than economic is an increase in a country's real level of national output which can be caused by an increase in the quality of resources (by education etc.), increase in the quantity of resources & improvements in technology or in another way an increase in the value of goods and services produced by every sector of the economy.

The social and economic development ruined the Americans by being kicked out of their homes and forced to marry the Spain's men because their were no Spanish women that came o n the journey. Essay on Compare and contrast the way economic development affected politics in Mass. And Virginia in the period from to Virginia and Massachusetts were the first two colonies settled by England in the New World.

More about Compare and Contrast the Different Ways in Which Economic Development Affected Politics in Massachusetts and Virginia in the Period from to Compare and Contrast Economic, Social, and Political Developments in the North and South Between Aug 15,  · Compare and Contrast the ways in which sugar and tobacco affected the social and economic development of colonial America?Status: Resolved.

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Compare and contrast ways which economic development affec
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