Chinese head tax a discriminatory piece of

By accepting the low-wages, the Chinese minorities were perceived as being dangerous to the Canadian economy. Retrieved 20 August Inthe ratio of Chinese men to women was 28 to 1, the highest gender imbalance among any ethnic group in Canada up until the end of the Second World War.

As a part of his party platformHarper promised to work with the Chinese community on redress, should the Conservatives be called to form the next government.

The Liberal government dissolved in lateand Bill C did not become law. While C sought to acknowledge, commemorate and educate about past government wrongdoings, it fell far short of the apology demanded by generations of Chinese Canadians.

In response, Chinese head tax a discriminatory piece of federal government resorted to a drastic solution. There were 19 columns of information, including name; port or place where registered; date of registration; amount of head tax; sex; age; place of birth; profession or occupation; name of vessel or train upon arrival; and, physical marks.

InChinese women married to non-Chinese men were exempted from the head tax, as well as any Chinese person travelling through Canada by railway en route to another country. There were many amendments to the Act. Instudents were no longer exempted from the head tax.

Furthermore, the clause in C which stated "1. This anti-Chinese legislation was the first in Canadian history to exclude immigration on the basis of ethnic origin. Ottawa, 22 June This was direct discrimination as Chinese were mainly the only people that were being restricted entrance into Canada.

The head tax was unsuccessful in deterring Chinese immigration; however, it was successful in preventing family life and stunting the growth of the Chinese population in Canada. This was enough reason for Canadians to be worried, even though most Chinese were working on the CPR, they could easily replace Canadians in their jobs.

Many sons and daughters of head-tax payers continue the redress campaign for family members excluded from the settlement. Chinese immigrants were issued NF 63 certificates from to They were demonized as being a threat to the social order of the society, seeing that jobs were being displaced from whites to the Chinese.

In addition, the apology and compensation for the internment of Japanese Canadians during the Second World War was regarded as a precedent for redressing other racially motivated policies.

Chinese Head Tax in Canada

Chinese people, whether born overseas or in Canada, required the C. In order to be safe, Canadians turned to the provincial government of British Columbia requesting intervention; however, it was dependent on the federal government. Several regional and national events had been organised to revitalize the redress campaign: Chinese men mining for gold near North Bend in British Columbia, Bythe CPR was completed and the demands for action increased, so in order to satisfy the public, the government enacted the Immigration Act which included the head-tax.

Apology[ edit ] The federal election was won by the Conservative Party, though it was a minority government that was formed. Lost Years Productions, Inc. In order to control this increase in immigration, the Canadian government implemented a policy imposing a head-tax on Chinese immigrants entering Canada.

The NCCC wanted an apology and funds for an educational foundation, while the CCNC sought a parliamentary acknowledgement, an apology and symbolic financial redress for the 4, head-tax payers, their spouses and descendants, who had registered with CCNC to lobby on their behalf.

The Chinese were the only group who had to pay the head tax see Immigration Policy. The Tax[ edit ] Through the mid- to late nineteenth century, some 15, labourers were brought from China to do construction work on the Canadian Pacific Railway CPRthough they were only paid a third or a half less than their coworkers [2] In the province— to arouse concern.

Despite these anti-Chinese immigration laws, the Chinese population increased from 4, to 39, between and Meanwhile, the most devastating consequence of the Act was its impact on family life.

Other significant roadblocks were the cost of passage and cultural traditions. Taco Chan stated that "apology is not on" and argued "that to apologize would be tantamount to giving up immunity that has been granted to the government by the court".

A Discriminatory Piece of Legislation Canada is a country built on immigration, mainly British at first, but from all over the world afterwards. It was later revealed that the Minister for Asia and Pacific affairs, Raymond Chanwho claimed to have negotiated the deal, had purposely misled both the ministers of the Crown and the public and some of the groups named as being party to the agreement stated publicly that their names had been used without permission; several other groups listed did not even exist.

Chinese Head-Tax: A Discriminatory Piece of Legislation

Prime Minister Sir John A. The head-tax was a discriminatory piece of legislation, which was enacted by the government due to public pressure, and which led to severe discrimination of the Chinese people, thus violating present day human rights codes.

Inthe commissioners concluded that there was little evidence to support the negative claims against the Chinese and that Chinese immigration was in fact beneficial to the development of British Columbia.

The only testimonials from Chinese people were provided by two consular officials from San Francisco, California. A national day of protest was held to coincide with Canada Day in major cities across Canada, and several hundred Chinese Canadians joined in local marches.This action by the government pleased the public and also resulted in fewer Chinese people entering Canada.

The head tax put a financial burden on all Chinese who migrated to Canada, as after paying the head-tax, most were left broke or in debt.

Chinese Head-Tax: a Discriminatory Piece of Legislation Essay Words Mar 14th, 8 Pages Canada is a country built on immigration, mainly British at first, but from all over the world afterwards.

The Chinese head tax was levied on Chinese immigration to Canada between andunder the Chinese Immigration Act (). With few exceptions, Chinese people had to pay $50 (later raised to $, and then $) to come to Canada.

The paradox was that the discriminatory legislation to keep out the Chinese in fact increased their.

Chinese head tax in Canada

The Chinese head tax was a fixed fee charged to each Chinese person entering Canada. The head tax was first levied after the Canadian parliament passed the Chinese Immigration Act of and was meant to discourage Chinese people from entering Canada after the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

Essay on Chinese Head-Tax: a Discriminatory Piece of Legislation afterwards. Chinese immigration to Canada dates back to the period of the.

Read this History Other Research Paper and over 88, other research documents. Chinese Head-Tax: A Discriminatory Piece of Legislation. Canada is a country built on immigration, mainly British at first, but from all over .

Chinese head tax a discriminatory piece of
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