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Formulating the theory in terms of what is merely conceivable, whether by an ideal or fallible conceiver, renders the analysis circular because the semantic analysis of possible is given in terms of what it is possible to conceive. The second key idea was to treat the modal operators like quantifiers.

What counts as a counterpart of an object in a distinct world is a matter of relevant similarity, where relevance is determined by, for example, the counterfactual conditional to be assessed.

Ontology, Identity, and Modality: Essays in Metaphysics

While not relying on meanings, the standard problems regarding extensional adequacy and circularity arise. Like natural necessities, metaphysical necessities are not logical truths and yet, unlike the natural necessities, the central metaphysical principles are to be known a priori even if knowledge of some particular metaphysical necessities requires some empirical knowledge.

Logical notions like validity could be defined in terms of these mathematical models. Whatever is consistent with the laws of logic are the logical possibilities and if the falsity of something follows from the laws of logic, then it is a logical impossibility.

This seems to involve a commitment to haecceitism, the view that there are nonqualitative differences between worlds.

Kinds of Necessity Necessities may be distinguished according to their scope or, perhaps, their subject matter. Kripke and others saw that if this model-theoretic framework were extended, a similar formal semantics could be given for modal logics.

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Some are true but could not have been false. Nevertheless, when all things are taken into account, Lewis thinks that his theory is the best package. Modal logics lacked a similar semantic framework. Laws of nature and their associated counterfactual conditionals are often thought to be necessary in one sense and contingent in another.

Truth, whether modal or nonmodal, depends on being. That the basic physical laws are required to infer the physical necessities demonstrates more conclusively that the physical necessities are not logical truths and, so, are not logical necessities.

Ayer developed a version of conventionalism about modality. There might be attributes such that if an object even possibly possesses it, then that object possesses that attribute essentially. Some nonclassical logics have correspondingly different foundational laws.

In metaphysics there is no analogue to prior experience. Nm essay writing essay on the cons of social media essay directory enquiries.

That all bachelors are unmarried is a favorite example of such an analytic truth. To the extent that spatiotemporal connectedness is not necessary for access to, say, propositions, then the genuine modal realist could, perhaps, take advantage of an alternative account of knowledge to avoid this particular problem.

I inhabit only this spatiotemporal whole and not another. First, some principled, nonmodal restriction on the principle of recombination must be given, since if there is no such restriction, impossible worlds will result and the theory will be extensionally inadequate.

The second form comes from the modal antirealist, one who either denies that there are any modal truths or who claims that modal truth is so closely bound to cognizers that statements involving modality lack significant objectivity, making them more like statements of taste or preference than statements of fact.

In Saul Kripke made prominent some developments in the semantics of modal logic.


If modal truth is to be a species of truth more generally then, thinks the realist about modal discourse, modal truth must concern sufficiently determinate and objective facts. Lewis develops counterpart theory so that the identity of individuals across worlds, transworld identity, just is a matter of having a counterpart in those other worlds.

This would give one a kind of conventional basis for necessity, but not for the truth of what is by this convention called necessary. In some of these worlds there are donkeys that talk and in some there are blue swans. That someone else in this space-time does something else does not make it the case that I could have done the same, so someone else in another space-time seems no more relevant.

In "Truth by Convention" he argued that stipulations regarding the meanings of expressions cannot be a general source of necessity, since at most they can transform obvious logical truths into more convenient but less obvious truths.

Some are false but could not have been true. As with other forms of discourse, there are deep philosophical questions about whether one has any knowledge involving modality.This book gathers together thirteen of Peter van Inwagen's essays on metaphysics, several of which have acquired the status of modern classics in their field.

They range widely across such topics as Quine's philosophy of quantification, the ontology of fiction, the part-whole relation, the theory of. Interesting college essays ukulele chords cambridge essay identity in in metaphysics modality ontology philosophy study bp oil spill research paper jam (proofread and edit my essay) bottled life documentary review essays writing acknowledgements dissertation kjv essay.

Ontology, Identity, and Modality: Essays in Metaphysics (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy) 1st (first) Edition by van Inwagen, Peter published by Cambridge University Press () Paperback out of 5 stars 2 customer reviews5/5(2). Ontology, Identity, and Modality has 17 ratings and 1 review.

This book gathers together thirteen of Peter van Inwagen's essays on metaphysics, several o /5.

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• Metaphysics of modalit y: modal realism and alternatives. • The nature of knowledge: externalism and internalism; theories of warrant and justification. Modality and Metaphysics.

In the end, the philosophy and metaphysics of modality rests on metaphilosophical foundations. Many of the objections to the various positions have been piecemeal, showing that a theory has some consequence that is supposed to be intolerable.

Cambridge essay identity in in metaphysics modality ontology philosophy study
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