Books as means of social control

Through cartoons, comics and repartees it can support the values of the society in a form that is light in spirit but effective in control. On the one hand it socialises an individual and on the other it trains him about social behaviour.

Social control is necessary in order to regulate the individual behaviour in accordance with the social objectives and social values. Various social thinkers have expressed their views in different ways about the need of social control which are discussed as under: Along with law, the importance of education as a means of social control is being growingly realized.

Means of Social Control: Informal and Formal Means of Social Control

Hence, sanctions are used by the group to control the behaviour of the individuals. The importance of customs as a means of social control cannot be minimised. Certain mores may even be harmful for the physical well being of an individual, yet these must be obeyed.

Social Control: The Meaning, Need, Types and other details

Exploitative means are such as punishment, reprisals, intimidation, censorship and repression. Suggestion is the indirect communication of ideas, feeling and other mental states.

Books, journals, newspapers etc. This is done through natural ways of social control. The present day industrialization, urbanization, quick means of transport and communication; desertion of the villages; mobility of the people; the rise of towns, cities and metropolitan areas; and the mixing of the people, like of which never had been before, has brought the old values to shambles.

Security of life and property, as well as the systematic ordering of relationships make formalization of rules necessary. Law is the most important method of man-made social control. Lumley classifies them as based on symbols such as rewards and force such as punishment.

The main need of the social control is to keep the existing order intact. They lake meals only after bath. Without social control the organisation of the society is about to get disturbed. It is uniform and is meant for all.Persuasion, a Means of Social Control [Winston Lamont / Howell, William Smiley Brembevk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Commonly used methods of informal social control include learning through rewards and punishments, or imitating others. The effectiveness of informal social control can be explained by the internalization of social norms through the socialization process.

Obedience to rules is the result of inner belief rather than external force. Karl Mannheim distinguished between direct means of social control and indirect means of social control. Kimball Young classified the means of social control into positive and negative means.

Reward is a positive means while punishment is a negative means. Persuasion: a Means of Social Control on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Means of social control The means by which individuals are induced or compelled to conform to the usages and life values of the group are so numerous and varied that a classification is not possible.E.A Ross has described a number of means that have been used by social groups throughout the hu-man history to keep individuals under control.

Social control that is carried out casually by ordinary people through such means as laughter, smiles, and ridicule.

Labeling theory An approach to deviance that attempts to explain why certain people are viewed as deviants while others engaged in the same behavior are not.

Books as means of social control
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