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Her former students openly discuss how they were forever changed by the training and how they gained a unique appreciation for the experiences of others, regardless of what group they were sorted into.

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Her father, who delivered her, was Irish-American. Their grades on simple tests were better, and they completed mathematical and reading tasks that had seemed outside their ability before.

Help all participants realize they have a responsibility for building an organizational culture welcoming diversity. She says that she vividly remembers a scene in which a white reporter pointed his microphone toward a local black leader and asked, "When our leader [ John F.

For this corporate exercise, Elliott divides a multiracial group based on the color of their eyes and then subjects the blue-eyed individuals to a withering regime of humiliation and contempt.

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The "inferior" classmates also transformed — into timid and subservient children who scored more poorly on tests, and even during recess isolated themselves, including those who had previously been dominant in the class.

In just a few hours, we watch grown professionals become distracted and despondent, stumbling over the simplest commands. Setka said that she realized she was the only one who kept speaking to her. I can safely speak for everyone here that we have all been challenged by Jane Elliott to open our eyes.

They also stated ethical concerns pertaining to the fact that the children were not told of the purpose of the exercise beforehand. Thanks to Jane Elliott we may just have more students who are cognizant of the issue of racism on our campus.

Then and Now—about her and the exercise.

A Class Divided

To reflect on the experience, she asked the children to write down what they had learned. Those who were deemed "superior" became arrogant, bossy, and otherwise unpleasant to their "inferior" classmates. She asks why none of them came to the aid of the tyrannized group and points out that this makes them de facto accomplices to racism.

She gave the blue-eyed children extra privileges, such as second helpings at lunch, access to the new jungle gym, and five extra minutes at recess. There is a lot of pink vagina to look at, but you will be impressed by the pussy area and ass area around her delicious pink orifice.

And that pussy, well, it will speak for itself. The outcomes of a research study by the Utah State University were that virtually all the subjects reported that the experience was meaningful for them.

The blue-eyed children sat in the front of the classroom, and the brown-eyed children were sent to sit in the back rows.

They were doing what white people do. Elliott provided brown fabric collars and asked the blue-eyed students to wrap them around the necks of their brown-eyed peers as a method to easily identify the minority group. Mmmm The corresponding photo gallery can be found here: It can also lead to anxiety because people become hyper-sensitive about being offensive or being offended.

Elliott believes, "Blue Eyed is by far the most comprehensive and useful video on my work available; it sums up 28 years of experience in schools, universities and corporations.

Firmly attacked all the isms racism, sexism, ageism, heterosexism and forced those in our audience to realize how prevalent these things are in our society and campus. Then the pussy gaping starts. After that tragic event, she went into her classroom in Iowa and tried a radical experiment, in which she told the blue-eyed members of her class that they were inferior to the brown-eyed members.

She suggested to the class that it would be hard for them to understand discrimination without experiencing it themselves and then asked the children if they would like to find out.

She often exemplified the differences between the two groups by singling out students and would use negative aspects of brown-eyed children to emphasize a point. The dildo goes in and out of her, and you can really see how it creates space and helps to expand the view inside her body.

As people talk about their experiences, the profoundly negative impact of prejudice and bigotry become increasingly apparent. The video shows her recreating her experiment with a group of 40 social workers, law enforcement officers, teachers and school administrators. She decided to base the exercise on eye color rather than skin color in order to show the children what racial segregation would be like.

Diversity training was little-known in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the s; however, when the Race Relations Amendment Act passed in the UK, it listed diversity training firms in the Diversity Directory.

A televised edition of the exercise was shown in the United Kingdom on October 29,on Channel 4 entitled The Event: Thanks to Jane Elliott we may just have more students who are cognizant of the issue of racism on our campus.The following is a transcript of the video.

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