Beowulf compared to modern day heroes essay

In an age where medicine can extends one life to over one hundred years, death is not always our biggest concern. The characteristics of a hero are usually based around the ideas of a society or culture. The premise of the first section of Beowulf is the hero bringing order and stability to a chaotic Heorot.

Our cultures need heroes. They give us all of these things and more, but perhaps the most important thing they offer us is an escape. These people volunteered their efforts regardless of the fact that they might not return home, that they may be the one whom death takes off.

It is these type two heroes that seem to draw the most fascination because they balance between the delicate line of divinity and humanity. In Beowulf, Hrothgar, the king, has to call Beowulf for help, but Hrothgar is Beowulf compared to modern day heroes essay governing entity, he should be able to handle the evil Grendel by himself.

In the epic Beowulf, the main character is thought of as a hero. Gotham City, Metropolis, Heorot, these places can all be seen as metaphors for their representative cultures.

However, with any tale, the hero must have an adversary, an evil that must be overcome. The story also alludes to the idea of wrath or vengeance. He or she may have been trying to speak to the morals of the time in saying that no one is above vengeance, even the great hero Beowulf or they may have been speaking to the inherently self-deprecating act that the endless cycle of revenge would cause.

At the time, that is most likely what every man wanted to be. It is only whether or not he or she acts on this desire to be brave that matter s.

It is interesting how modern day heroes show the much of the same qualities as Beowulf. They are all childhood heroes, at which one point of time most children admired.

So while there may be three physical antagonists, one can argue that they metaphorically represent one thing, the personification of societies shortcomings.

Comparison of Modern Day Heroes and Beowulf as a Hero

From Beowulf to Superman, we have always looked up to our heroes, and that is why we need them. Bravery is a trait that every young boy wishes to have.

While we know we can never actually be Batman, Iron Man or Beowulf, they still are close enough to us to give them a sense a vulnerability, but again, there is a difference between them. What do these names bring to mind? Now look at our heroes today.

These acts of heroism, no matter the scale, are something people have always done for each other.

Beowulf Comparison to Modern Day Hero

The belief that stealing to support your starving family takes precedence over the fact that stealing is illegal. That is why heroes are timeless. Most of our heroes fall under the first three types and Beowulf falls under the second.

Also known as comitatus, Beowulf declares But if battle should claim me, send this most excellent coat of mail to Hygelac, this best of corslets that protects my breast; it once belonged to Hrethal. The similarities between our modern heroes and Beowulf are apparent. Not only do we read about them in the fiction we create, we read about them on the news as well.

Life is hard and it has always been hard. In this study, they argued that we are all potential heroes just waiting for our moment to shine. Right or wrong, it is a principle that our heroes live by. While Batman and Beowulf are both type two heroes one of them grows old and inevitably dies while the other seemingly never ages.

Heroism is a universal attribute and is something that is in the range of possibilities for every person, inspiring more us to answer that call. Today, while we are still constantly at war, not everyone has to physically fight.

Heroes are introduced to people early on in life usually as fictional characters, but as children grow older their own perceptions of heroes alter.

In a time where everyone had to be ready to fight and die it was natural to create a hero who himself had to be weary of death. In this passage Beowulf is saying that what ever may happen to his body, send his coat of mail to his leader, for that is where his loyalty belongs.

If heroes are supposed to represent what we as people want to be morally, then it would make sense that they would also represent what we want to be physically.Essay on Comparison of Modern Day Heroes and Beowulf Words | 3 Pages.

Comparison of Modern Day Heroes and Beowulf Most of us have heard of modern day heroes such as Spiderman, Superman, and the Hulk. Each is a hero to many children.

Beowulf, a pagan warrior and the main character of the epic, shows certain characteristics such as bravery, loyalty, and generosity, which portray him as a hero. It is interesting how modern day heroes show the much of the same qualities as Beowulf.4/4(1).

From Beowulf to Superman, Why we need our Heroes Heroes, from Beowulf to Superman our cultures have always created heroes - Beowulf Comparison to Modern Day Hero introduction.

We may always have political, social, economic and religious differences, but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common, heroes.

They. This modern hero and Beowulf both have a lot of differences. As you can see, Beowulf and these modern day heroes can be compared and contrasted-keeping in mind that technology and culture has changed a lot over the years.

These Men/women can all be considered heroes, but in many different ways. Beowulf vs Modern Hero essaysIn most instances, heroes exemplify not only what society considers remarkable and impossible feats, but also the ideals of that society.

Over time, the definition of a hero has changed concurrently with. Even modern heroes that have much in common with Beowulf are different because they are heroes of a society that has different values than those of the world that spawned Beowulf.

J.R.R. Tolkien, a Beowulf scholar, directly addressed the difference between Beowulf and modern heroes in The Lord of the Rings.

Modern heroes, like Luke .

Beowulf compared to modern day heroes essay
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