An analysis of the song butterfly kisses by bob carlisle

The Allies soon signed with Light Records. One night, in the middle of a show, he walked offstage in disgust and prayed for guidance. Psalm made one album. His father, a dealer in acoustic musical instruments, often allowed Carlisle to jam with his buddies; musical greats like guitarist Doc Watson and dobro player Tut Taylor.

His next group was Psalm where he first met Randy Thomas, with whom he would later collaborate on many songs. After the group broke up, Carlisle stayed in Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his career as a Contemporary Christian artist and songwriter.

It was then that Carlisle established himself as a well-paid session musician, doing background vocals for many artists and groups.

Bob Carlisle Biography

He turns down TV specials and other lucrative offers in order to honor previous commitments, like small shows at churches and county fairs and to be with his family, which he considers his top priority. Carlisle wrote the song after looking through some photos of his daughter that had been taken over the years.

InCarlisle once again found himself unhappy with his work. At that point he changed his entire attitude toward music. His first solo album, Bob Carlisle, was released on the Sparrow label inand not much later his second Sparrow album, The Hope of a Man, came out.

He grew up around bluegrass and down-home country music. The group performed together for nine years and released six albums. It was also the song that enabled him to cross over from Christian contemporary to pop music. The Christian singer hated the clubs and bars he was playing. At the time she was almost sixteen, and Carlisle realized that Brooke would be leaving home before long.

They stayed together nine years and recorded six albums together.

Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle

After high school, Carlisle was offered a college music scholarship but turned it down to keep performing. They soon realized that a move to Nashville made sense.

He joined his first band, Good News, when he was sixteen. The Allies were based in Colton, California, but played most of their gigs in venues east of the Rocky Mountains.

In the late s he married his wife, Jacque. He gained a reputation as a session musician in the early s, doing background vocals for other recording artists and groups, including Barry Manilow, REO Speedwagon, Juice Newton, Motley Crue, and Poison.

The success of Butterfly Kisses will undoubtedly open doors to other mainstream music opportunities for Carlisle. South, Suite 5, Franklin, TN As a teen, Carlisle became interested in the music of the Jesus movement in Southern California. Carlisle produced a remixed country version of "Butterfly Kisses," and two additional country versions were released soon after the original, one by the Raybon Brothers and another by Jeff Carson.

Carlisle has a variety of musical roots. He learned how to play guitar and read music; eventually he even learned arranging and orchestration.

The success of Butterfly Kisses spawned several book tie-ins, some of them written by Carlisle. After giving the matter some thought, Carlisle selected a guitar."Butterfly Kisses" is a song written by Bob Carlisle and Randy Thomas from Carlisle's third studio album Butterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace).

Bob Carlisle Reveals Truth About Life Before Song 'Butterfly Kisses'

. Carlisle also wrote a journal entitled ‘Butterfly Kisses’ for fathers and their daughters. He separated from the limelight to write the song and turned toward the areas of life he sees well: his wife, his children, and God, as the source of everything.

In the spring ofBob Carlisle unexpectedly had a crossover hit with "Butterfly Kisses," an ode to his love for his daughter that just happened to 9/ Buy this Father's Day Accompaniment Track.

Choose a CD or Instant Download. Everyday Discounts. (Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle ). Bob Carlisle (born in Los Angeles, California) is an American Christian singer. He performed with several bands, most notably Allies, before launching his solo career. He is best known for his hit song "Butterfly Kisses", a favorite for father-daughter dances at weddings, which appeared on his third solo album.

"Butterfly Kisses" Bob Carlisle and his.

Butterfly Kisses

daughter Brooke. for whom the song "Butterfly Kisses" was written. Bob Carlisle is the singer and songwriter of "Butterfly Kisses" -- the #1 album on the pop music charts in the summer of The album went double platinum by selling over two million copies.

An analysis of the song butterfly kisses by bob carlisle
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