An analysis of the plot in the wizard of oz by l frank baum

The film opened nationwide on August 25, In later years, when the film became firmly established as a classic, Vidor chose not to take public credit for his contribution until after the death of his friend Fleming in The flames set fire to her green, copper-based face paint, causing third-degree burns on her hands and face.

The makeup used for Haley was quietly changed to an aluminum paste, with a layer of clown white greasepaint underneath to protect his skin; although it did not have the same dire effect on Haley, he did at one point suffer an eye infection from it.

At first thought to be lost for over seven decades, a recording of this original version was rediscovered in Special effects, makeup and costumes[ edit ] Arnold Gillespie was the special effects director for the film. The performances are good, and the incidental music is of considerable aid. Gale Sondergaard was originally cast as the Wicked Witch.

The documentary The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Test screenings of the film began on June 5, Actress Deanna Durbinwho was under contract to Universal Studioswas also considered for the part of Dorothy. But Baum biographer Michael Patrick Hearn says the Baum family denies ever seeing the coat or knowing of the story; Hamilton considered it a concocted studio rumor.

The hardest titles, at Level 5, are quite challenging, and a student who can read these texts reasonably well should, with a little help, soon be able to move on to unadapted English texts. This left the final, mostly serious portion of the film with no songs, only the dramatic underscoring.

One song that was almost deleted was "Over the Rainbow". LeRoy and Fleming knew that at least 15 minutes needed to be deleted to get the film down to a manageable running time; the average film in ran for just about 90 minutes.

How does The Wonderful Wizard of Oz end?

Upon being told that the only way back is to follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, home to the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy embarks on an extraordinary but perilous quest, in which the Wicked Witch of the West is constantly lurking around the corner.

The film had been enormously successful as a book, and it had also been a major stage hit, but previous attempts to bring it to the screen had been dismal failures. MGM had felt that it made the Kansas sequence too long, as well as being far over the heads of the target audience of children.

Haley spoke with a distinct Boston accentthus did not pronounce the r in wizard.

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz by L. Frank Baum

The Wicked Witch is dead! They then had to photograph and catalog each Munchkin in his or her costume so that they could correctly apply the same costume and makeup each day of production. Guidance on finding the right level is available as a download at http: The film footage for the song has been lost, although silent home film footage of rehearsals for the number has survived.

Due to time constraints, the song was cut from the final theatrical version. She spent three months healing before returning to work.

Deleted songs[ edit ] Lobby card with still of deleted musical number "Hail! She turned down the role and was replaced on October 10,just three days before filming started, by MGM contract player Margaret Hamilton.The Wizard of Oz by Baum, L. Frank. Puffin Classics. PAPERBACK.

Very Good. Wonderful Wizard of Oz study guide contains a biography of L.

L. Frank Baum

Frank Baum, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Oz, #1) by L. Frank Baum The Wonderful Wizard of Oz hasratings and 10, reviews.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, novel published in by L. Frank Baum. A modern fairy tale, it tells the story of Dorothy, who lives on a Kansas farm with Uncle A modern fairy tale, it tells the story of Dorothy, who lives on a Kansas farm with Uncle.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum l Summary & Study Guide. Ozma and the Little Wizard (Wizard of Oz): Wonderful wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: By L.

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Frank Baum: Illustrated & Unabridged. A Little Princess & The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz By L. Frank Baum. LEAVE COMMENTS. The Wizard of Oz is een Amerikaanse musical/fantasyfilm uitgebaseerd op het beroemde gelijknamige boek van L. Frank Baum. De film is geregisseerd door Victor. Books About Frank Baum.

M. L. Frank Baum Creator of Oz: A Biography by Rogers, K. (St.

Wizard Oz L Frank Baum

Martin's Press, All excerpts are from the annotated edition of The Wizard of Oz. and that was the introduction of witches and goblins into the story. I didn’t like the little dwarfs in the woods bobbing up with their horrors.

An analysis of the plot in the wizard of oz by l frank baum
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