A response on patrick allitts essay should undergraduates specialize

I am your neighbor. In other words, the typical major declaration process is completed before students officially matriculate in their final universities.

Should Undergraduates Specialize - Book Report/Review Example

This limitation of resources does not favor the frequent major changes prevalent in U. In short, various historical and cultural forces have contributed to the current Chinese college system.

Being able to dive right in as an undergrad can be hugely beneficial, and allow a student to separate themself from the rest of the competition. Many freshmen in U. In order to learn in an advanced field you must know how to apply ideas. Educationally, this pragmatism has also been expressed in narrow, technical specialization Curry It gave a marvelous opportunity to students who already knew where they were going to pursue their ambitions without distraction" Allitt.

Had the changing-major policies been designed in the opposite way, with low-ranking students allowed to change majors, we can infer that students longing for major changes may compete for the bottom grades in order to change majors and thus waste their precious first college year.

I firmly believe that college marks the beginning of adulthood and the toned-down real world, which means that we all as students need to take more responsibility for our own lives.

There did not even exist any major declaration procedures, since the government paid for their education in order to "harvest" particular types of educated professionals. Rather than having a job students will have a career that is fulfilling, full of enrichment, and worthwhile.

In addition, if all students are allowed to change majors, there may very likely be some chaos in colleges, given the huge student body in nearly every Chinese university. There is a reason behind this seemingly absurd policy: Specialization buileds a level of ignorance which is malevolent.

Yet this option also furthers the restriction placed on students by having their declared majors subject to changes by admission offices. Bloomberg, 16 May While most of the major declaration process is completed in college, it is also closely related to the application process. Formal declaration of majors usually takes place by the end of the freshman year when students have had numerous chances to explore different academic disciplines and departments.

To elaborate on its restrictive nature, we may roughly divide the process into two parts: The modes of NCEE also contribute to the restriction on major declaration procedures. While the great differences including major restriction policies are not total disadvantages of a Chinese higher education, universities are seeking reforms so as to provide a more beneficial and globally competitive education.

They would just join to be able to put it on their college applications and make themselves "look good". The conclusions are based on his experience and the nationalized British meritocratic system and what worked before does not work today.

Jackson thinks that students should want to take liberal courses to complement their vocational studies. While a vast amount of academic articles have discussed higher education in both countries in a broader sense, my personal observation as a college student will provide a more detailed perspective of the major declaration policies in particular.

One specific way to realize this objective is to establish an independent college adopting liberal arts education within the already-existing university system, which saves universities the daunting work of revising the whole system.

This loss of independence brought about the most significant changes in the history of Chinese higher education. If I had to back up my opinion with any one statement, this would be it.

In America, you cannot simply rely on academics and the grades you got in high school to be accepted into top colleges. As shown in Figure 1 below, boxes numbered "1" to "6" are for indicating majors. That being said, there are differences.

Is a College Education Important

With a firm decision on majors required and hard to change anywaystudents experience less sense of loss at the various opportunities in colleges.

Works Cited "About the College. Difficulties clearly exist in both approaches, but the current internationalization trends in the Chinese education field will help push undergraduate education reforms toward a more effective place. The advantages of a liberal arts education appear in nearly every U.

Relieving the anguish, headache and unworthyness of paying for books, board and general expenses. As higher education is meant to offer every individual an opportunity to choose his or her own career path, we should not let major declaration hinder the freedom in either way, e.

They grant the system rationality, yet also are a major impediment to reforms. However, one requirement of the college choice declaration is consistent across regions:Patrick Allitt Should Undergraduates Specialize? Gordon Allport The Formation of In-Groups Julia Alvarez I Want to Be Miss America ESSAYS FICTION POETRY DRAMA IMAGES INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS 2 Michael Patrick MacDonald Returning to Southie Niccolò Machiavelli From The Prince.

Patrick Allitt, the author of “Should Undergraduates Specialize?” begins his essay by narrating the different college experience he had as a young adult compared to the college experience his daughter is about to have afterwards, Allitt continues his essay by comparing his own life experiences.

Patrick Allitt maintains that Undergraduates should be able to Specialize and that liberal arts are a matter of choice for those undecided, but that specialization be granted for those that know what they want to pursue in his essay (“Should Undergraduates Specialize?,” Chronicle of Higher Education, ).

Your Response. Jun 16,  · Should Undergraduates Specialize? By PATRICK ALLITT June 16, Does Their Response Heed the Lessons of Social Science? billsimas.com: PATRICK ALLITT. Unnecessary studies for the future. "Should Undergraduates Specialize" Patrick Allitt Persuasive Writing Analytical Informative According to Patrick Allitt and his essay its ironic how he states the less majors you study the more successful you are in a particular subject.

But common sense says the more you know the wiser you are. Patrick Allitt maintains that Undergraduates should be able to Specialize and that liberal arts are a matter of choice for those undecided, but that specialization be granted for those that know what they want to pursue in his essay (“Should Undergraduates Specialize?,” Chronicle of Higher Education, ).

A response on patrick allitts essay should undergraduates specialize
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