A glimpse at the cruelty of peter the great and its effect on russia

Insoon after peace with Sweden was achieved, Russia was proclaimed as an empire and Peter the Great was officially proclaimed Emperor of All Russia. It was a test of willpower. Over the next two centuries, Moscow outmaneuvered its rivals in Novgorod, Vladimir, and Tver to become the ascendant power in the region.

His mother said absolutely not. All soldiers received similar training so that the army had uniformity. Petersburg, which he made the capital of Russia. Alexei eventually made it to Austria where he pleaded to his brother-in-law Emperor Charles VI for sanctuary.

In andthe Tsar revisited the Netherlands and went to see Herman Boerhaave. He severely punished all opposition to his projects. Peter determined that he would learn everything there was about building a navy so that someday he could come back and defend this fort properly with modern warships.

In administration he looked to the Swedish model, creating "colleges" or groups of officials who ran departments. Not surprising, there were many uprisings.

He found great pleasure in learning and pursued it naturally.

Peter the Great

He commanded all of his courtiers and officials to wear European clothing and cut off their long beards, causing his Boyars, who were very fond of their beards, great upset. Peter could not tolerate the patriarch exercising power superior to the Tsar, as indeed had happened in the case of Philaret —33 and Nikon More than 1, rebels were tortured and executed by various cruel methods.

This was done to prevent fighting between the stronger noble houses and to bring fresh blood into the family. After this show of force, Nevsky pointed out that his action was nothing compared to what the Mongols would do.

After spending taking orders from the Mongols and observing how they ruled with cruelty, even after the Mongols were gone, the Russian leaders continued to rule in much the same despotic way.

The first shipbuilding program consisted of 52 vessels. Peter the Great meditating the idea of building St Petersburg at the shore of the Baltic Sea — Painting by Alexandre Benois 9 Peter the Great married a servant and crowned her Empress in Peter first married at the age of 17 on 27th January to Eudoxia Lopukhina.

For leadership in the church, Peter turned increasingly to Ukrainians, who were more open to reform, but were not well loved by the Russian clergy.

His ancestor had been the wife of another czar, and both his parents had been very influential until Boris Godunov sent them to the monasteries to break their power. These were officered by an elite.

He made her a power both militarily and politically. Worse, the use of torture became a regular part of criminal procedure. His armies penetrated deep into Hungary and Poland.

What are some positive and negative effects that Peter the Great had on Russia?

In NovemberPeter the Great introduced a soul tax on all males except the clergy and nobility with the Old Believers paying double. Because of her advances, Russia would be the arbiter of the fate of Napoleon after Waterloo. No one could resist him.

10 Interesting Facts About Peter The Great of Russia

Even worse, the people became too accepting of a totalitarian system. Power was instead exercised by his mother, Natalya Naryshkina.

Ludolf Bakhuysena painter of seascapes. The thought that his own son was willing to unravel all his work was way beyond anything Peter could tolerate.

Peter the Great and the Modernization of Russia

However, Peter noted his hold on the fort was flimsy at best. Peter also enjoyed studying mathematics, fortification and artillery.

In the summer ofthey resumed their efforts to capture Ukraine, culminating in the Battle of Poltava on 27 June. In Peter created a new order of precedence known as the Table of Ranks.

Peter the Great – Military Reforms

New buildings were largely neo-classic, in the Greek and Roman style. At this point they were beheaded.World History Quizzes (Ch. 4) Ivan the Terrible's cruelty was aimed mainly at. How did Peter the Great gain territory for Russia along the Baltic Sea?

Watch video · Russian czar Peter the Great was a skillful diplomat who abolished Russia's archaic form of government during his rule (). Learn more at billsimas.com Peter left a mark on Russia so profound that still to this day, Russia divides its history lessons into 'Before Peter' and 'After Peter'.

The Golden Horde To appreciate the accomplishments of Peter, I think it is important to review "why" Russia was considered to be so backward by the countries of Europe. #10 Peter the Great is credited with modernizing Russia Peter’s overall health was never robust and in he began to have problems with his urinary tract and bladder.

His health further deteriorated in early and he breathed his last on February 8, in St. Petersburg. In the conclusion to ''Russia in the Age of Peter the Great,'' an the point of cruelty and immeasurably'' under Peter, but then asks, in effect.

Peter The Great's Cruelty and It's Effect on His Power Peter the Great's reign over Russia paved the way for Russia's future as a world power.

His many reforms and westernization of the country influenced millions and left a lasting legacy.

A glimpse at the cruelty of peter the great and its effect on russia
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