A biography of theodore dreiser a famous novelist

And the ruddy face glows like a pumpkin On Halloween! It has been called the "greatest of all American urban novels. His first important novel, Sister Carrie, occupied him for about 4 months in With her encouragement and that of his friend Arthur Henry, a novelist and former editor of the Toledo BladeDreiser began writing his historic first novel, Sister Carrie.

Facts about Theodore Dreiser

Personal Quotes 1 About Hollywood in Just a small town with notions. An "agreement to publish" was drawn up and signed by Dreiser and Doubleday. The Titan and The Stoic continue with the same character. The younger three, including Theodore, moved with their mother to Vincennes and then back to Sullivan.

The Genius is his most autobiographical novel. His last novel, The Bulwarkwas published a year after his death and is a Quaker novel of considerable power. Sister Carrie and An American Tragedy are certainly enduring works of literature that display a deep understanding of the American experience around the turn of the century, with its expansive desires and pervasive disillusionments.

For more than a dozen years Dreiser continued his successful journalistic career in New York. This burden was to weigh heavily upon all members of the family for years.

Sister Carrie tells the story of a rudderless but pretty small-town girl who comes to the big city filled with vague ambitions.

Theodore Dreiser

Sister Carrie was the first masterpiece of the American naturalistic movement in its grittily factual presentation of the vagaries of urban life and in its ingenuous heroine, who goes unpunished for her transgressions against conventional sexual morality.

She returned now and again, but in their separation became permanent, although neither sought a divorce. He made up for lost time with a burst of creative energy that resulted in the publication of fourteen books between and Also like Clyde Griffiths, he left alone for Chicago, without finishing high school, and worked at odd jobs.

But wide fame and financial success did not come to the leader of the school of American realism until the publication in of his monumental and controversial An American Tragedy.

Preoccupied with sex, he demanded the freedom to write about it as he saw fit. Other works include Trilogy of Desire, which was based on the life of Charles Tyson Yerkeswho became a Chicago streetcar tycoon. The reception accorded his second novel, Jennie Gerhardtthe story of a woman who submits sexually to rich and powerful men to help her poverty-stricken family, lent him further encouragement.

Attempting to put the Doubleday incident behind him, Dreiser began a second novel, Jennie Gerhardtwhich he started to write on January 6,less than two weeks after the death of his father.

His first novel "Sister Carrie" was published in To fulfill his dream of quick success, and perhaps also to try to escape Jug, Dreiser quit his job and traveled east, taking a job on the Pittsburgh Dispatch. He based his novel on details and setting of the murder of Grace Brown by Chester Gillette in upstate New York, which attracted widespread attention from newspapers.

Travel, political activity, and a surprising turn toward mysticism occupied his late years. Again older sisters stirred town gossip: The New York Society for the Suppression of Vice caused The "Genius"an autobiographical novel, to be removed from the bookshelves, precipitating a court battle that lasted for years before the book was finally reissued in The entire section is 2, words.

The Doubleday company published Sister Carrie under protest on November 8, After a year at Indiana University, Dreiser became a reporter for the Chicago Globe and hoped to enter the homes of luxury and beauty instead of looking in through their bright windows. As a result, his youth was emotionally unstable, and he had few educational opportunities, which was a special hardship for such a bookish boy.

Theodore was a sickly child with an almost sightless right eye; he seemed at first to have less chance of survival than the three brothers who had died before him in infancy.

Biography of Theodore Dreiser

Doubleday was the person most adamant in her opposition to the novel. Alone with the pregnant girl in a boat on a lake, he plots to murder her but loses his nerve; nevertheless, there is an accident, she drowns, and he later pays with his life. Some critics expressed moral outrage.Theodore Dreiser: Theodore Dreiser, novelist who was the outstanding American practitioner of naturalism.

He was the leading figure in a national literary movement that replaced the observance of Victorian notions of propriety with the unflinching presentation of. An American fiction author and journalist who belonged to the naturalist school, he is best known for works such as An American Tragedy () and Sister Carrie ().

A political activist and prominent socialist, he also wrote several politically-themed non-fiction works, including Dreiser Looks Born: Aug 27, Start studying Most Common Authors.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. American poet who won pulitzers for his poetry and a biography of Lincoln.-CHICAGO (most famous poem) Theodore Dreiser.

early 20th century American author and journalist of the naturalist school. The Theodore Dreiser Page at American Literature, featuring a biography and Free Library of the author's Novels, Stories, Poems, Letters, and Texts.

Though known primarily as a novelist, Dreiser also wrote short stories, publishing his first collection, Free and Other Stories, inmade up of 11 stories.

His story, "My Brother Paul", was a kind of biography of his older brother, Paul Dresser, who became a famous songwriter in the s.

His older brother Paul Dresser became a famous songwriter. Theodore Dreiser attended Indiana University from tobut flunked out and became a journalist in Chicago and St. Louis. His first novel "Sister Carrie" was published in It is considered a classic and a seminal piece of American literature.

The publisher did not.

A biography of theodore dreiser a famous novelist
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